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Do you have an emergent or struggling reader and don't know where to start?

Let us help you get started.

We will help you teach your child the reading codes.
Once your child understands each reading code, it will unlock access to a wide range of vocabulary they never knew existed.

Where to begin?

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Second: Make sure your child knows their letters and sounds they make. Access the Foundations Kit to help you do this.

Third: Learn about the power of using the reading codes in the free course called All About Reading Codes.

Fourth: Review The Sounds of the Reading Codes as you introduce your child to each new reading code.

Fifth: Need help? Send us an email at 

Available Products

All About the Reading Codes

Learn why "looking for the reading codes" will help your child become a confident reader.

The Foundations Kit

The Foundations Kit will help guide you as you get your child prepared to read our books - and succeed!

Teaching the Sounds of the Reading Codes

Learn the sounds of the reading codes and how to introduce them to your child.

All the Books Series

See a list of all the series available and coming soon.

All the Reader Bundles

Bundles designed to reach your child where they are at on their reading journey.

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Which reading code will your young reader begin decoding?  

The Ultimate Sound Wall

Watch your students thrive in reading and spelling!

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