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The Foundations Kit

Here is The Foundations Kit that will help get your child ready to read our books! 

On the right-hand side (if you're on a computer) or below (if you're on a phone), you'll find 4 modules. 

Module 1: Before you Begin

  • A quick few questions to gage where you are with your learner.

Module 2: 5 Steps to Success 

  • Step 1: How to teach your child to recognize letters (upper case and lower case)
  • Step 2: How to teach your child the letter sounds (The Ultimate Alphabet!)
  • Step 3: How to teach your child to segment words
  • Step 4: How to teach your child to decode, blend, and chunk words.
  • Step 5: Assessment pages

Module 3: Sight Words and Beyond

  • Once your child knows their letters and the sounds they make, it's time to go deeper with sight words.
  • You'll find free sight word flash cards, sentence builders and the popular Make it and Rearrange it activity. All helping increase exposure to sight words.

Module 4: The Next Steps

  • Learn about the Power of the Reading Codes 

Get started by clicking the "View this Module" button for each module.

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